Thursday, 22 September 2011

Beautiful new work by Rob Ryan...

We Promise To Keep The Child Safe, 2011
Signed limited edition lasercut of 250
39 x 59 cm

Exclusive to TAG Fine Arts for the forthcoming book release 'A Sky Full of Kindness,' £360

"We promise by the spirits of all the birds that have ever been, that are and ever will be, that we will care for this child. Every feather, every bone and beak is precious to us and every bird in our small community and to the greater family of all the birds. We promise to keep the egg safe. We promise to keep the child safe. We promise to help this small, small bird in this big, big world."

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New arrivals - Maps and Money

A wonderful selection of maps arrived in the gallery last week from Justine Smith and Dahlia Elsayed. Justine's maps exploit the beauty of banknotes to explore how money influences our society, while Dahlia's two series of drawings (new in from the USA) are personal recollections of a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

The photos don't fully convey the beautiful colours and composition of these works so make sure you see them in the flesh over the coming months: we'll be showing them at art fairs and The Art of Mapping exhibition (see our full listings here)